Modern Blacksmithing Rational Horse Shoeing and Wagon Making

with rules, tables, recipes, etc., useful to manufactures, blacksmiths, machinists, well-drillers, engineers, liverymen, horse-shoers, farmers, wagon-makers, mechanics, amateurs and all others who have occasion to perform the work for which this book is primarily intended. by J.G. Homstrom 1901

Ringworm, Balking, Snake Bite, and More


Ringworm is a contagious disease and attacks all kinds of animals, but it often arises from poverty and filth. It first appears in a round bald spot, the scurf coming off in scales. Cure: Wash with soap-water and dry, then apply the following once a day. Mix 25 grains of corrosive sublimate in half a pint of water and wash once a day till cured.


Balking is the result of abuse. If a horse is overloaded and then whipped unmercifully to make the victim perform impossibilities, he will resent the abuse by balking. There are many cruel methods for curing balking horses, but kindness is the best. Don't hitch him to a load he cannot easily pull. Let the man that is used to handling him drive him. Try to divert his mind from himself. Talk to him; pat him; give him a handful of oats or salt. But if there is no time to wait pass a chain or rope around his neck and pull him along with another horse. This done once all there is needed, in most cases, is to pass the rope around and the horse will start. It is no use trying to whip a balking horse, because balking horses are generally horses of more than common spirit and determination, and they will resent abuse every time. Kindness, patience and perseverance are the best remedies.


When a horse has been bitten by a rattlesnake, copperhead, or other venomous serpent, give the following: One-half teaspoonful of hartshorn, I pint whisky, 1/2 pint of warm water. Mix well and give one dose. Repeat in one hour if not relieved. Burn the wound at once with a hot iron, and keep a sponge soaked in ammonia over the wound for a couple of hours.


Rosin, 4 ounces; bees wax, 4 ounces; pine tar, 4 ounces; fish oil, 4 ounces; mutton tallow, 4 ounces. Mix and apply once a day.


Aloes, 3 drams; gamboge, 2 drams; ginger, 1 dram; gentian, 1 dram; molasses, enough to combine the above. Give in one dose, prepared in the form of a ball.


Don't burn the shoe on. Don't rasp under the clinchers. Don't rasp on the outer side of the wall more than is absolutely necessary. Don't rasp or file the clinch heads. Don't make the shoes too short. Don't make high calks. Don't pare the frog. Don't cut down the bars. Don't load the horse down with iron. Don't lose your temper. Don't hit the horse with the hammer. Don't run down your competitor. Don't continually tell how smart you are. Don't smoke while shoeing. Don't imbibe in the shop. Don't run outdoors while sweaty. Don't know it all. Always be punctual in attendance to you~ business. Allow your customers to know something. No man is such a great fool but that something can be learned of him. Be always polite. Keep posted on everything belonging to your trade. Read much. Drink little. Take a bath once a week. Dress well. This done, the craft will be elevated, and the man respected.