Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

A Tool for Springing Spokes and Hub Borer

A tool for springing spokes Fig 173

A Tool for Springing Spokes

A handy tool for springing spokes (Fig. 173) is made by taking a piece of wood two feet long, making one hole in it about an inch from one end, and another hole four inches from the end. Then take half-inch round iron, turn a hook on one end and punch a hole in the other large enough for a three-eighths-inch bolt. When the two hooks are made and bolted on the tool, as shown in the cut, it is complete. It will not slip as will other devices for the same purpose.óBy H. T. G.

A Hub Borer

Showing J.W.C.'s hub borer Fig 174

I have a hub borer which works nicely. This machine is easily made and can be used for cutting out hubs for old-fashioned skeins, also for nuts, or regular thimble skeins. Fig. 174 shows the machine complete. Cut threads on half-inch rods. Put one nut above and one below the plate, and screw tight. Cut threads on three-quarter-inch bar at the bottom for the feed. Swell the bar where the knife goes in the punch. Square the hole and fit in the knife. The knife is turned square at the cutting part. Fasten the knife with a slim wedge or a set nut. In using this machine the rods will come between the spokes of the wheel.óBy J. W. C.