Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

Handy Wheelwright Tools

The piece that rests on the spokes fig 94 and the knife fig 95

In boring holes in the process of wheel making I gauge from the smooth side of the felloe. I bore the holes in sets, drive on, fit up the joints, put in the dowel pins, and then face up tile front of the wheel. From this face I gauge for the tread of the wheel—one and a half inch. This leaves all the surplus part of the felloe on the back, which is sometimes five-eighths inch thick; and to remove this surplus I have invented the tool shown in the accompanying illustrations. It is not patented, and any wheelwright can make one for himself. Fig. 94 is the piece that slides down over the spokes. Fig. 95 is the knife, and in Fig. 96 the method of using the knife is shown. The handle of the knife has ratchet teeth, and can be set instantly at any angle by means of a loop nut.

The mathod of using the tool fig 96

I cut all the felloes I can in going one way; then reverse the knife and go the other way, finishing in the usual manner.—By J. 0. H.