Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

A Handy Work Bench To Have

Completed work bench fig 71

I herewith describe a very convenient wheelwright’s bench with an adjustable wooden vise. Fig. 71 shows the work bench complete. It is made from one by four-inch pine, nailed and glued firmly together.

Inside jaw of bench vise fig 72

A, in Fig. 71, is a dovetail notch, cut to fit the head of Fig. 72, which is put in from the bottom. Fig. 73 is a bolt, with fiat head and screw thereon. On the other end is a hand nut. This bolt is put through hole B in Fig. 72 and slot C, Fig. 71. Fig. 74 is a washer that goes on the bolt, Fig. 73, under the tail-nut. Fig. 75 is the outside jaw of the vise, and Fig. 76 is a common wooden screw, such as is in general use for carpenters and wheelwrights work benches.

Bolt with hand nut - Washer for bolt - Outside jaw of vise - Wooden screw for vise fig73-76

It will be seen that by the operation of the bolt, Fig. 73, in slot C, Fig. 71, the vise can be raised above or let down even with the top of the bench. I have found this to be the handiest vise I have ever seen, not excepting any coach makers iron vise. It is just the thing for carpenters.—By C-. W. P.