Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

Removing Old Boxes from Hubs and Getting a Plumb Spoke

T.S.M.'s method of getting a plumb spoke Fig 175

The following is my method of removing old boxes from hubs and my rule for placing wheels on a plumb spoke. For the first job, heat an old thimble, put it in the box, and the latter will soon become so loose that it can be easily knocked out.

My way of getting the plumb spoke for a wheel of any dish may be clearly understood by the aid of Fig. 175, which I will suppose to represent a spindle for a three by ten thimble. The height of the wheel is four feet eight inches. First strike a line one inch and a half from the bottom; that is, half the diameter of the box; then measure back five inches from the end; that is, half the length of the box; then take half the diameter of the wheel, from the center of the box backward, which is in this case two feet four inches. Make a mark, and next find the dish of the wheel, which is, say one inch. Put that one inch above the "center line;" then strike a line from that, and let it cross the center line live inches from the end, which is the center of the box, and lot the end of this line represent the center of the point box. You will see from this that the more dish there is in a wheel the less you take off at the bottom at the point of the spindle. In all cases take half the length of the box-half its diameter and half the diameter of the wheel. I get the gather of the wheel on the same principle.-- by T. S. M.