Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

Setting Boxes in Hubs

The bench Fig 156

In many small shops, where they make heavy work, such as trucks and carts, they are not apparently aware of the progress that is being made in labor-saving machines, which apply as well to their specialty as they do to the lighter grades of work.

The Lever Fig 157

During a recent call at a shop of the class mentioned, I noticed one of the men cutting out the hub of a truck wheel with a gouge and setting the box. I could not state definitely the amount of time wasted, but I know it was fully fifty per cent, more than would have been necessary if the proper tools had been used.

The disk Fig 158

I took the liberty to explain to the boss that for a few dollars lie could buy a good hub borer that would do the work in less than one-third the time, and so completely that no wedge would be required beyond the matter of one or two for truing up the box when all was done. I also informed him that for a few dollars more he could himself construct an appliance for setting the boxes in the hub without the use of a sledge, and without danger of breaking the box or splitting the hub. I explained my way of setting boxes as clearly as I could, which is as follows: For setting light boxes I first make a good stiff bench or trestle, as shown in Fig. 156, in which A is the bench, B B 1) 11 are legs, G is a threaded pin (square thread preferred), which is held in position by bolts passing through at the holes D D. Fig. 159 represents the plate which sets on the top of the bench.

The plate Fig 159

Fig. 160 represents the screw pin (C of Fig. 156). I insert the box in the hub then place the wheel on the bench, with the butt of the hub down and the screw passing through the box. I then place on the foot of the hub the disk, as shown in Fig. 158, Mini next put on the lever represented in Fig. 157. E E are ends of the lever. F is the swell at the center, and has a thread to fit the screw pin (C, Fig. 156). A few turns will set the box in motion.

The screw pin Fig 160