Practical Carriage Building

Compiled by M.T. Richardson, Vol.1. 1891

A Wagon Spoke Driving Appliance

A spoke driving appliance fig 101

An appliance which I use for driving spokes in a hub is shown by Fig. 101. I have never seen it in use by any one but myself, and I think it would be found handy in any wheelwright’s shop.

A is a post or box in which the hub is placed while the spokes are being driven in. B is a threaded rod, connected with A by the bolt C, and running through the hub. D, on which the hub rests, is a scantling, three feet long, two inches thick and eight inches wide. There are two holes in it, one of which allows the passage of the rod B, while the other is occupied by the gauge bolt H. The hub is fastened to D by means of the tail top F. The spoke G rests on the flat head bolt H. This bolt regulates the dish of the wheel, being lowered or raised, as required, by means of the nuts shown. The wight K is hung on the end of the spoke while it is being driven in. – By J. W. P.