Farm Blacksmithing

by J.M.Drew St. Paul Publishing Company 1918

Single Tree Figure 27


WHIFFLETREE IRONS Fig. 27 illustrates a good way of ironing singletrees. The end irons and hooks are made of 7-16 round iron and the middle iron is of 1-2 inch round. Fig. 28 shows the manner of making the hooks. It should be noticed that the end of the hook comes within 7-16 of an inch of touching the inside of the back of the eye. This prevents the tug from coming unhooked of itself. The hook has to be turned up as shown ill the cut, (Fig. 27), before the tug can be hooked or unhooked.

Single Tree Hook

At Fig. 29 is shown the way to make a hook with a bar across the end to prevent unhooking. The bar is made by leaving a lump on the end when the hook is drawn out and then flattening the lump in the vise and drawing the ends out round over the edge of the anvil. Another good, strong singletree is shown in Fig. 30. It is made of hickory or oak 1 inches thick and two inches wide, tapering to 1 inches wide at the ends. A strap of iron 3-16 inch thick and 1 inch wide runs the whole length of the back and is fastened by screws. The ends are turned over to make eyes for holding the hooks. The hooks have bars across the ends as shown in Fig. 29.

Single Tree Hook Figure 29


To make a swivel for an ordinary log chain, take a piece of Norway iron or mild steel about half inch by inch in size and draw out one end to about 3/8 inch and 3 inches long. Leave about one inch in length the original size of the iron and draw out another three inches to 3/8. See A in Fig. 31. Punch a half-inch hole in the middle of the flat part. Next make a mandrel as shown at B, of 7/8 inch round iron by drawing out a short bit of the end to about 7-16 inch in size. Heat the iron first made and work it into shape over the end of the mandrel as shown at E. Next make the eye, C, by bending and welding a piece of 7-16 inch iron, heat it and insert the shank in the hole in A and put on a washer and rivet down. Finish by welding the ends of A the same as a chain link. D shows the completed swivel.

Wagon Singletree Figure 30