The Printed Book

by Harry G. Aldis, M.A. Cambridge at the University Press 1916

Book illustrations Part 10

From the point of view of the printed book the introduction of process methods of illustration cannot be regarded as altogether fortunate too little consideration is given to the manner in which the illustrations are associated with the printed page; and it rarely happens that a book gains anything as an example of typographic art from the process pictures with which it is illustrated. The arrival of the three-colour process has worsened matters; and the present riotous use of cheap colour illustrations is nothing short of a calamity. Any excuse serves for the addition of these colored crudities, which, printed on shiny 'art' paper or dabbed on pieces of brown paper, are intruded between the leaves of the book almost at random. Little wonder that the outraged volume, taking advantage of its flimsy structure, endeavors to shed them at the earliest possible moment.